“Some People”

In Life, whenever you express your ideas, some people will definatly going to criticize and reject those ideas ,but that doesn’t mean you stop sharing those valuable ideas. Go ahead and express them anyway, learn what you can from the feedback, and watch your “Confidence High”.

When you live your life with absolute “FAITH”, some people may laugh and make fun of you. Let them laugh, and let that laughter make your enjoyment of your own true fulfillment all the more sweetness to cherish because you choose to “Believe in Yourself”.

If you admit you don’t know something, some people might think you’re stupid or ignorant. Take comfort and satisfaction in reminding yourself that effective learning begins when you admit you “Do Not Know”.

Create value with “Honesty and Integrity”, and some people will look for ways to take unfair advantage of you. Be smart, be aware, be diligent and you can always stay several steps “Ahead” of their dishonesty.

Some people will complain and whine and berate you and spread vicious rumors about you behind your back. Yet you can always choose to let “Their Negativity” be their problem, and “Not Yours”.

Just remember never let the pettiness of some people slow you down for even a moment. Step forward with Purpose, Passion, Positivity and Confidence, and make your world the “Best It Can Be”.

–Shubham Sharma


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  1. monika says:

    Sometimes, someone is not ready to see the bright side. You are making it to see.
    Worth reading and nice one.. 🙂

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    1. shubs2494 says:

      Thank You :)..for the kind words @monica


  2. Pooja Chaudhary says:

    Just came across the writer side of you and I am amazed! yo cartoon tussi to kamal kar gaye… never knew you write and that too so well…. aap to all rounder ho ji 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. shubs2494 says:

      I am glad you liked it soo much :).Thank you @Pooja


  3. Really effective brother..!! And yeah i believe that’s the main idea to be living to that mark. 🙂

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    1. shubs2494 says:

      yes exactly ,that’s make us the person we actually are… Thanx 🙂 @weirdlifestuff

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  4. shubs2494 says:

    I can feel your heartfelt emotions towards it 😍😍..most touching comment till now..Thanks to you for motivating me with your words 😘 😘


  5. Absolutely loved this post! I agree with all the views honestly keep up the good work I can’t wait to see more from you!

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