It is Joy to be Alive

It is a joy to be alive. If you disagree with that statement, I humbly
submit that it’s not because the statement is untrue, but rather because you have forgotten, or deeply buried, the truth of which it speaks.Certainly there are problems and pains, difficulties and disappointments,losses and tragedies in life. Yet nothing can diminish the fact that life is exceedingly precious and fundamentally “Joyful”.

It is a Joy to be alive. I can understand that on some days that joy is difficult to sense, and on other days it can positively overwhelm you. No matter how much or how little you see it and appreciate it, the possibility for joy is always there, patiently waiting for you to come around to it. Joy is always ready to flow through you when you allow and accept to have it.

Today is a new day, and it is your day to live in the best way you can imagine. It is your day to move in precisely the direction you choose.The disappointments of the past will begin to fade away as soon as you let go of them.Look forward, and know that you can make this next day the best one yet. So focus instead on the fact that “You Can”, right now and choose a more positive direction towards life.

Though rising above a difficult past will require great effort and commitment on your part, you certainly can do it. And there’s no better way to spend your time than making your way forward and permanently locking your disappointments of the past.

When the worst has happened, when life has kicked you down repeatedly, do you want to stay down or do you want to get up and move forward? Obviously, You want to get up and move forward, by all means. The way to move forward is to look forward. The way to get up is to have a good, driving reason to do so by just stop overthinking of your mind thoughts.

It is a joy to be alive, and the positive possibilities that spring from the miracle of life, when you connect with them do always appreciate them and are truly thankful for them, give you a compelling reason to move forward. Believe me, At the heart of those possibilities you’ll find a purpose, a purpose that cannot be denied and will lead to Happy Life as you always wish to Desire.

–Shubham Sharma

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