Give yourself a minute-Dedicated

Hey my friend, I know you’ve been building value within you all your life. Being glad it is the priceless value of experience, and every bit of it is still with you. I know you have been through a lot of hard times in your life and these all things have taught you how to tackle life.

Today you have more than you’ve ever had. Think of all the good and useful things you can do with that wealth of experience specially from the past one year.

From every victory of love, from every defeat of pain, that experience grows wiser and more valuable. And now, in this moment, you can utilize the value of your lifelong experience to create even more value in your life. I can see you are already on your path of experiences as you have realized what is right and what is wrong for you and you moving forward with at least “Peace”.

Your perspective is unique my dear, and from that perspective you can build a richness of living that is perfectly suited to you. You just have to step forward and control your thoughts for your own happiness. What’s more, you can share that richness with those around you to make it even more fulfilling for your heart.

Embrace this day Beautiful, this moment, this life, and with it, make joy. Feel and fully experience the reality of what is, and in the midst of it, make joy.

No matter how much or how little joy you’ve known in the past, now is your opportunity to make more. Focus on how good it is to simply be, and let pure, unconditional joy flow from your awareness.

Though you have pains and problems and challenges, you also have the good fortune of being able to make joy. With life as it is, from where you are, with what you have, make joy.

There is no need to fight or run away, to feel bitter or to make excuses, to give up, to back down, or to fall into a negative mindset. You have life, and you always have the ability to make joy.

Smile Beautiful, and warm the world around you. Breathe deeply, gently, and peacefully feel the miracle of your own existence and fly with your brave wings.

“Lastly remember your were never alone and will never be alone in the journey of your life, someone holed your hand a year ago for lifetime and that person will stay forever anyhow indirectly also”, Be Blessed.

–Post dedicated to my “Special recent gmail follower friend” 🙂

–Shubham Sharma

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